Whether you’re traveling during the holidays to celebrate with loved ones, or perhaps to get away from those same loved ones, sometimes you’d just prefer a holiday dinner in a restaurant, rather than at home.

And, for those of use who find that we must work and travel over holidays, like many airline personnel, there are options that allow us to celebrate even though we can’t be at home.

Most cities have restaurants that are open for major holiday, offering both their basic menu as well as special holiday fare.

Zagat Buzz, the blog arm of the renowned Zagat Guides, lists a variety of restaurant that will be open on Thanksgiving.  If you’re looking for a nice meal out, you won’t go wrong with any of the finds listed here.

For other ideas, check with local newspapers or city magazines for restaurants that will be open.  Open Table is also a great source for locating a restaurant and securing reservations.  Book early, as tables get snapped up quickly.


Image credit:  SXC