I’m leaving for Italy in a couple of weeks, and in addition to bragging to friends and practicing my Italian phrases, I’ve been re-learning the metric system.  I’ve especially been interested in following the weather forecast as I struggle to figure out the proper clothes to pack.

Since I was raised on the Fahrenheit system of measuring temperature, it always takes me a bit of thinking to do the conversion. 

The simplest way for me to remember is this formula:  Multiply the Celsius temperature by two, and then add 30 to convert to Fahrenheit

While it won’t give you an exact temperature, it’s close enough for most purposes.

So here’s what the temperature looks like today in the general areas where I’ll be traveling:

  • Rome:  18C (66 degrees)
  • Pienza:  16C (62 degrees)
  • Sorrento:  17C (64 degrees)

It should even be a little warmer by the time I get there, so it should be very pleasant, indeed.


Photo credit:  flickr