Shinto Shrine near Mt. Fuji, Japan

In the middle of summer it’s a great time to stay home here in the Seattle area. It’s the best time of year here in the Pacific Northwest, and I want to take every opportunity to enjoy it. I did manage a long weekend road trip to southern Oregon this month, along with a trip to Mt. St. Helens (Can you believe that I’ve never been there?), and my routine travel.

I guess I did log a few miles during July.

Here’s where my travels too me in July:

  • HND/SEA – 4,797 miles
  • SEA/LIH/SJC/SEA – 5,867 miles
  • SEA/SFO/PSP/SFO/SEA – 2,202 miles
  • SEA/SAN/SEA – 2,106 miles
  • SEA/SJC/OGG/SMF/SEA – 6,066 miles
  • SEA/MCO/SEA – 5,106 miles

Total miles flown in July:  26,144 miles

Total hotel nights in July:  10 nights

Year to Date

  • Miles flown 2013:  163,948
  • Hotel nights 2013:  77

Photo credit: personal collection