End of the year time, and that means it’s time for personal reflection, taking stock of myself and life in general, celebrating (mostly) and whining (just a bit).  There’s lots  to complain about, if I let myself get in that frame of mind, but I’m determined to count my many blessing as I bid farewell to 2009.

Here are just a few of my travel experiences, special moments, and thoughts on this last year of the decade.

waving goodbye Memorable Travel Experiences:

  • Walking the ramparts surrounding the Old City of Dubrovnik.
  • Passing through Bosnia – Herzegovina
  • Taking a 5 year old to see Lion King in Las Vegas
  • Staying at La Montalla in Tuscany
  • Lots and lots of gelato in Italy
  • Wine tasting in Napa

A Few of My Favorite Things

  • Family and friends, including the four-legged kind
  • My business family and friends at PlanetEye Traveler
  • A passport, a simple document that opens the door to the rest of the world
  • The travel blogging community
  • Red wine, gelato, and great cheese
  • Gadgets and technology that make travel easier:  iPhone, wi-fi, my netbook

Travel Lessons:

  • A bad economy is an opportunity to be more creative with our travel choices
  • You can’t see everything when you visit somewhere, so just think of it as leaving something to see or do on your next visit
  • A perfect trip is never perfect
  • You can live on pasta and red wine for weeks on end
  • Don’t wait till the last minute to renew your passport
  • Happiness is a choice that we should make more often

A very big THANK YOU to readers who’ve followed me to this blog, and who continue to challenge and inspire me every day.  I’ll see you all in 2010 for lots more travel experiences!

Photo credit: SXC