Majorca: One Island, Hundreds of Beaches

young girl sitting on beach in majorca

young girl sitting on beach in majorca

There’s a reason European beach lovers have made the island of Majorca (also spelled Mallorca) a popular holiday destination – it’s because every where you turn there’s a beach calling out to you to relax and enjoy.  Even the fondest sun lovers must come off the beach sometime, and Majorca holidays offer plenty of shopping, restaurants, bars and nightlife to go along with your sun.

So how about those beaches?!  Any listing of beaches is sure to stir up an argument as one person’s favorite is not included and another’s most dreaded beach is.  So consider this a sampler of some beaches that may be worth a try, selecting one that best meets your geographic location and beach style.

Busy Beaches

If you’re looking to mix and mingle with lots of people, turning your time at the beach into one big beach party, these may appeal to you:

  • Formentor Beach offers about a mile of sand full of perfect spots for sunning and celebrity gazing (the Formentor Hotel is a celeb favorite).  There’s plenty of traditional beach amenities and with all the bars you won’t go thirsty.  If you want to learn to surf, there’s a great surf school as well.
  • Cala Agulla Beach attracts the young and hip crowd with its white sand and neighboring pine forest that gives it a bit of the wild and untamed feel.  You’ll find the usual water sports and beach attractions.
  • Cala Millor Beach is about two miles long and is well populated with hotels, bars, restaurants, clubs, and shops.  There’s always plenty to do and plenty of people to do it with.
  • S´Arenal Beach is located on the bay of Palma, and is surrounded by scores of hotels and resorts.  It’s heavily visited by tourists, but the locals hang out there as well.  You can’t turn around without find another bar, restaurant, club, or shop.

Quiet Beaches

If you like your sun a little quieter and more secluded, you just need to get off the beaten path to find your spot of san.  Whether it’s romance, privacy, or feeling like a local, these may appeal to you:

  • Pollenca is a relatively new beach, and although it offers some basic beach amenities and water sports, it’s still remains pretty quiet and undiscovered.
  • Es Trenc Beach is a popular beach spot, but the lack of development around the area means you can still get a spot on that beautiful white sand.
  • Es Carbo Beach is as perfectly unspoiled as you get, and is accessible by hiking in from Colonia de Sant Jordi or ses Salines.  The soft white sand makes it worth the walk.
  • Portals Nous Beach is for the yachting set, which means that the beaches stay pretty quiet.  When you’re ready for a little more activity and socializing, head to the nearby yacht club for food, beverages, and shopping.

Family Beaches

  • Sa Coma Beach has been evolving over the years, and despite the bars and restaurants is still very family friendly.
  • Portals Vells Beach is quite small, more of a nature sanctuary than a surf and sand beach, and is a nesting spot for a number of sea birds. There are a couple of restaurants in the along the beach.
  • Santa Ponca Beach is historic still remains relatively unspoiled.  There are summer houses and hotels around the area, along with the usual beach amenities, but it has a bit of a slower pace.
  • Paguera Beaches represent three beaches very close to another.  The smallest beach, Paguera Roman has all the typical amenities along with splash pools for the kids.

Photo credit: Janine K via flickr

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  1. June 30, 2011 at 9:52 am #

    Mallorca is blessed with many lovely beaches. Es Trenc and Ses Covetas area has to be the best spot. However it does get a little busy in high summer. The bay of Cala Mesquida just along from the holiday town of Cala Ratjada is worth a look.

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