Photo Friday: Wisteria on Capri

Wisteria on Capri

Wisteria on Capri

From Sorrento, a visit to the island of Capri is a short boat ride away, making it an easy day trip.  In high season, reservations may be important, but otherwise just head down to Marina Grande, figure out your timing, and buy a ticket.  The ticket will depend on the time of boat service and the current Euro exchange rate, but figure about $15-17 and allow 20-30 minutes transport time.

Before you go to the island, though, learn how to correctly.  It’s pronounced CAH-pree.  The often heard cuh-PREE is a pair of pants.  Locals will know what you’re talking about if you say it incorrectly, but what not try for a little authenticity.

Once on the island, visitors typically either head off for a tour of the famous Blue Grotto, or take the funicular up to Capri Town.  The town is walkable, although there are plenty of steps that can make it a bit of a climb.  but with plenty of cafes to stop off in it’s a pleasant afternoon.  This walkway was one of the many draped with wisteria, adding a bright splash of color to a spring day.

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  1. May 17, 2012 at 6:20 am #

    You’re absolutely right about Capri being an easy (and god) day trip from Sorrento. You can also get there from Naples. If you take an early-morning boat you can have a great day wandering about the island and lingering over a long lunch.

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