Road trip

I’m up early today because I’ll be heading out on a road trip.  Yes, me, a road trip.  It’s a 5-day road trip with some other writers from the Seattle area and is sponsored by some nice folks in Oregon.  (A full list of sponsors will accompany subsequent posts.)  Joining me will be:  Andy Hayes (from Sharing Travel Experiences), Kelly Goodman (from Travellious), and Michelle Schusterman (from Unlikely Places)

The group will be meeting later thing morning (still in the early hours for most of us)  at EverGreen Escapes who will be providing our driver and transportation for the trip in one of the comfy, bio-fueled Mercedes touring vans.  Not familiar with EverGreen Escapes?  Well I love these folks – I’ve met them personally – and was taken with their love of the Pacific Northwest, their commitment to their eco-friendly practices, their commitment to a quality touring experiences, and their just darned nice people.  Today will be my first opportunity to tour with them, and I’m so freaking excited that I can hardly stand it!  EverGreen escapes offers a host of day trips around the Pacific Northwest, perfect for visitors to the area as well as those of us who’ve lived here awhile but have missed some of the sights here at home, and they’ve got some very cool multi-day excursions.  (Check out their Cascadia Cuisine Ultimate Adventure – an 8-day sightseeing and gastronomic feast!)

Our five day trip is crammed full of activities, and I do mean crammed, including:

A visit to Astoria and the Columbia River Maritime Museum

  • Cannon Beach
  • A tour of the Tillamook Cheese FActory
  • Newport
  • Bend Ale Trail via Cycle Pub (sounds interesting, huh?)
  • Bend
  • High Desert Museum

There’s lots, lots more, so consider that a teaser of things to come!

I’ll be trying to write while on the road, but given the schedule it will more likely be posts to Facebook (you are a friend, aren’t you?), photos to flickr, and updates and photos on Twitter (follow me!).

My bags are all packed, I’m having my coffee and finishing up email, and soon I’ll be hitting the road.  Why don’t you come along with me?

Photo credit:  SXC