art inspired neo-cover luggage

Neo-Cover Art Inspired Luggage

Product:  Lady Harvest 2-piece Hardside Spinner Set from Neo-Cover

Value Luxury Rating:  heart 15xheart 15xheart 15x (of three hearts)

Features:  This multi-colored luggage set features a brilliant artistic polycarbonate exterior with a special matte finish. The fully lined interior has multiple pockets and zippers while the multi-directional spinner wheels provide a convenient mobility. The aluminum handle has a soft rubber grip with impact locking telescopic handle. Built in TSA combination lock helps protect valuables. The set includes two pieces, one 29-inch and one 22-inch the latter suitable as a carry on.

What I thought:

What was great:

  • It’s not black! I didn’t need to worry about which bag was mine.
  • It’s pretty. I can’t tell you how many compliments I received about the luggage. While at first people may have been startled by its vividness, they often looked closer and complimented the artistry. One TSA agent told me, “I see a lot of bags and this is the coolest one I’ve ever seen; I love it!”
  • Deep packing areas inside. Components don’t take a big bite out of your packing space.
  • The interior pockets are well placed and sized. I always need pockets for bits of odds and ends that I’m packing, and these have one large pocket (which holds a lot more than odds and ends) and two small ones. Utility has been well thought out and makes sense, and it helps me better organized my packing.
  • Spinner wheels. If you haven’t used luggage with spinner wheels, you’re missing out.  No more turning at an odd angle to pull your luggage behind you. and torquing your back while you’re at it, with spinners you can “walk” your bag right along side of you in a much more ergonomically friendly manner.

What was not so great:

  • It’s bright and pretty. I loved that about the bag, but I acknowledge that it may not be for everyone – and, if I might speculate, this may be more of a bag for women than men.
  • Spinner can be slow going on deeply napped carpet and may mean pulling your back rather than rolling it beside you.
  • Price. Some of you might take a gasp at the price of $700 for the set.

Who its for:  Style conscious travelers who want quality luggage with an artistic flair.

Price Range:  $700 for the set. Available separately for $440 for the 29-inch and $300 for he 22-inch. Available on line from Neo-Cover or at local retailers.

Personal Notes:  I used this Neo-Cover set in a variety of ways over a several month period of time. I took the full set to Athens, I used the smaller bag for a couple of getaway weekends, I’ve checked the bags, and I’ve used the small one as a carry on. I’ve bumped over curbs and cobblestones, rolled through airports and hotels, and left the bags at the mercy of numerous porters and bellman. I think I’ve put it through its paces.

If you’re an infrequent traveler, luggage may not be a big concern to you, but if you log tens of thousands of air miles a year, you know that quality matters. You get what you pay for. If you want wheels that last, bags that don’t crack, crumble, or tear, and years of long, hard miles, you need to look for quality.

Using a spinner saves me from back strain and that makes me a much happier traveler. When spinner wheels first came out there were reports of runaway bags, but I think the evolution of the wheel technology has made that a thing of the past. At least with quality bags. If you’re traveling in posh environs, with deep cushy carpet, you may have to use a bit more effort to roll over, but the same would be true for any roller.

After a couple of decades with a standard black roller bag, it was nice to have something bright and pretty. It made me feel that way, too.

Disclosure:  I received this complimentary spinner set for purposes of a review.