Hello fellow travelers and friends, and welcome to my new travel blog – Traveling With MJ!

I first started travel blogging back in March 2006 at a travel blog called Flyaway Cafe.  It was my first attempt at blogging, and I thoroughly enjoyed sharing the adventure of travel with all of my readers.   After over three years blogging at Flyaway Cafe, that blog is being retired at the end of October 2009.  So what was I to do but strike out on my own, and so Traveling with MJ is born.

Arches of Roman Coliseum, photo by MJ

Arches of Roman Coliseum, photo by MJ

I have been a Flight Attendant for over 20 years, and continually find myself being asked about where to go, what to do, and for all sorts of recommendations about destinations, where to stay, and products.  That’s what I hope to continue sharing with you here.

Let’s find the major attractions that are worth seeing, hidden gems of a city, the reasonably priced hotel, the authentic, cozy little restaurant, the places to go for special occasions, what’s over-rated and what’s under-rated, where to go for great shopping, and how to see a place without breaking your budget.

Travel is always about a discussion.  People with information and knowledge sharing with one another, everyone adding something  to the discussion, and everyone taking away a little as well.  That’s what I hope you’ll find here — whether you are looking for ideas or information, whether you want to eavesdrop on someone else’s experiences or share some of your own, whether you are looking for specific tips, or whether you just want to pass the time – I hope you’ll make Traveling with MJ part of your daily travel reads.

For me, traveling is both a vocation and an avocation – quite simply, it’s a way of life.

Photo:  personal collection