No doubt about it – we are traveling in a post-pandemic world differently than we did before.

Some of the changes are small. We’ve needed to replace items, update a few things, and plan for multiple contingencies because things just aren’t going according to plan. The first trip of this year, I did such a poor job of packing, that I had stop by a Target store to buy all sorts of things I missed.

It’s gotten better. We’ve made the conscious choice (and budget decision) to fly business class on long-haul international flights. While it’s certainly more comfortable, and I love a comfortable pod and lie-flat seat, there are other practical reasons for the decision.

If something is going to go wrong, business class passengers have a priority for checked bags, rebooking in the event of a cancellation or delay, and lounge access. While that won’t solve all the problems, it goes a long way in making it more comfortable.

Here are a few more things that are making travel easier for us these days.

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