Getaway Guides

We know that sometimes you just want to get away for a few days. Maybe it's a long weekend, maybe it's a mid-week splurge because you don't live on that Monday to Friday schedule. Maybe it's a special occasion - or no occasion at all.

When I look for a destination for a getaway, I'm looking for somewhere that's easy to get to, has a variety of accommodation options (sometimes I want to splurge, other times economize), has great food and beverage selections, and offers some choices of history, culture, nature, or the unexpected.

Regardless of what you want out of your getaway, our getaway guides are curated recommendations of places to go, what to see and do, where to stay, and how to get the most value out of your budget. We help you decide when and where to splurge - because it's worth it - and where to save, because it's not.